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Imagine buying your dream home. Let Becky Lane help you make it happen.

Purchasing a home for life's third act can be both exciting and a little intimidating. You may have lived in your current home for decades and have no need for the extra space without children living there, or the upkeep may have become too difficult. Maybe you just want to make a fresh start as you embark on retirement.  Whatever your reason for wanting to move, I can help you find the right retirement community, condominium, or house that allows you to lead the lifestyle you want.

Why Use a Buyer's Agent?

As your buyer agent, I will work for you to find the property that best suits your wants and needs. I don't work for a property owner; I work for you.  I will search for the home that fits you best, so you don't have to worry. Using me as your agent can save you both time and stress.

 There are many advantages of working with a buyer’s agent over trying to find a home yourself. The following are just a few of the benefits of what I can do as your Realtor.

I Will Put You in Contact with Trusted Lenders

I can connect you with mortgage lenders who are trustworthy, professional, and offer a pre-approval which is usually required by listing agents to include with any offers.  I have a network of lenders I work with, and my working relationship with them means better deals for you.

I Can Negotiate Offers for You

I have the knowledge and experience to negotiate the best possible terms for you. As I assist you in setting an offer price, I will perform a full market analysis. The analysis will show comparable sales to the property to which you are writing an offer. I will always strive to negotiate on your behalf with the same care as if I were purchasing my own home.

Schedule Tours and Give Analysis

I have seen a wide variety of types of homes and with my considerable experience, I will show you homes that fit your need and type of mortgage you are securing.  Once our offer is accepted, then I can assist you with setting up a thorough home inspection by a qualified inspector

Access to Numerous Listings

I can give you access to a multiple listing on-line auto-search.  Having access to this search means that you will receive emails on a host of listings that meet your requirements from every company included in the multiple listing search. (This includes most area realtors). You would also be authorized to use an online portal which allows you to see the whole multiple listing search any time 24 hours a day. When an agent lists a home, you will receive a notification regarding the listing within 48 hours. Having this kind of access allows you to be informed of every new listing.

Establish Parameters for Your Move In

As your Realtor, I understand that negotiations and the entire process of purchasing a home can often become protracted. I will work to establish a timeline for the transaction so that your move-in date is set, and you agree with how events are scheduled.  I will help you avoid the pitfalls of buying a home that can turn the process from fulfilling a dream into a nightmare. I will be your advocate from the start to finish of the transaction.

If you are seeking to purchase a retirement home in Central Florida, let me help you. Call 863-602-8605 or fill out my online contact form. I am ready to help you with a home valuation and to get pre-approved for a mortgage.


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