Why Use an SRES?

With most people, the majority of their net worth comes from home ownership. When a senior downsizes to a smaller home or moves to an assisted living facility, there are many complex financial and legal issues that need to be dealt with by someone who can navigate the process. Due to the very nature of selling a senior's home, an SRES will draw on a network of senior-focused service professionals to ensure an error-free transition in the life of the senior who is moving. The senior who is moving and their families will have access to a host of senior based specialists including financial professions, attorneys, estate planners and downsizing experts.

While a family is in the midst of dealing with an elderly loved one's transition to a new home, they need to depend on trusted professionals they are familiar with such as attorneys or accountants. In many cases, these trusted professionals that have been used over the decades have retired and will need to be replaced. In this kind of circumstance, an SRES is invaluable; they can refer the senior or the adult children to an elder law attorney, tax advisors, and other senior centric specialists.

There are a number of ways the network can assist seniors who have to sell their home or their adult children. With advances in medicine and more focus on health and nutrition, some seniors who have outlived their savings are selling their homes because of it; reverse mortgage counselors in the network can suggest options that may allow them to stay in their homes. If the decision is made to sell the house, the network can help prepare the home for sale by referring to landscapers, repair services, and junk removal services. Tax specialists and financial advisors in the network will work to protect a client's net-worth. Moving is difficult, and assistance can be found through referrals to senior moving specialists and storage units.

An SRES is not just an advisor but is a part of your community. They regularly participate in community events and volunteer with community organizations. They can point you in the right direction to any charitable organizations which an elderly parent may need. You can count on an SRES and their professional support network to be present from start to finish when it comes to selling a senior's home.


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